We’re redefining exploration

We transform data into knowledge. Knowledge to access the world’s natural resources more cleanly and more quickly.

Faster. Smarter. Greener.

We know exploration from the air lessens any impact on the Earth. It also means we can easily access hard-to-reach or restricted places and scan vast areas in little time. Since we can gather much of the geo-data from the air, we can avoid the cost and potential safety hazards associated with ground-based methods.

We also believe multiple geo-datasets can individually and collectively deliver more insights into what is below the Earth’s surface. A multi-physics approach can complement areas where data already exist or, in new frontiers, it can provide an alternative approach to exploration.

We believe technology enables us to work faster, smarter and greener. This, in turn, allows us to make the most of our clients’ time and resources.

Our approach

We offer a number of services that are tailored, at each stage of the exploration process, to the specific needs of individual clients. Our solutions vary based on the size of the area, the objectives of each project, and the methods needed to acquire the necessary data.

We begin most programs by collecting existing geo-data to survey extremely large areas. We compile a comprehensive range of seismic, non-seismic and geochemical datasets by combining existing data with new high-quality airborne data. We then high-grade these areas for further study, acquiring new airborne, multi-physics data over the key regions.

If needed, we sparingly utilize techniques such as 3-D seismic to more accurately model the Earth’s subsurface before using predictive analytics to uncover subtle patterns and correlations that point to the most promising areas for exploration. Throughout this process, we continuously integrate and evaluate the data to pinpoint the most prospective areas.

Our flexible and smart approach has redefined exploration.

Industries we serve

We identify and high-grade valuable resource deposits, including oil & gas, metals and minerals, and groundwater for federal governments, energy ministries, and natural resource operators.