NEOS believes that an integrated analysis of multiple geological and geophysical (G&G) data sources – including seismic, gravity, magnetic, electromagnetic (EM), radiometric, and hyperspectral – can individually and collectively deliver improved insights into the rocks and fluids contained within the Earth. 

The sensor technologies and methodologies used to acquire G&G data in these disciplines continue to improve year after year. While we take pride in our acquisition technologies and methods, we believe applying best-in-class acquisition tools is only part of the solution.

Processing and interpreting ALL acquired G&G data in an integrated, holistic way - such that each individual G&G dataset informs and constrains the other - is where we believe the most revealing subsurface insights can be generated. 

NEOS is a leader in developing and applying the latest technologies and techniques, with distinctive capabilities in 3-D resistivity mapping, seismic data processing and imaging, and the application of predictive analytics methods.

Acquisition Platforms

Non-Seismic Imaging

Seismic Imaging

tech_home_acquisitionDescriptions of our satellite, fixed wing and helicopter acquisition platforms.

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tech_home_measurementOverview of key non-seismic measurements and how they are used.

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tech_home_infoSphereOverview of our seismic imaging capabilities.

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