NEOS offers a variety of multi-measurement interpretation solutions geared to the varying needs of our clients and the relative lifecycle stage of their exploration program. Our solutions vary primarily in the breadth of perspective we are trying to deliver – ranging from the basin level to the prospect level – and the corresponding sensor platforms we use to acquire the data.

In all of our solutions, 'ground truthing' plays a key role. On nearly every survey, we deploy highly trained NEOS technicians in the field who use high-precision, hand-held sensors and other field-based methods to calibrate all of our airborne platforms against measurements taken from the ground. This ensures the accuracy of our data in every stage of acquisition, processing, and interpretation. Since NEOS ground-truth technicians are self-contained and non-intrusive, they can often enter hard-to-access areas and can 'get in and get out' quickly.

Since almost all of the data NEOS requires for a multivariate inversion either exists or can be readily acquired using our airborne platforms, NEOS' methodology avoids the cost, safety hazards, complexity, and cycle time associated with ground-based geophysical methods that often require large in-field crews and heavy, intrusive equipment.




solutions home neoscanIdentify potential exploration leads
with no new geophysical data acquisition.

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solutions_home_neobasinDetailed assessment
of area of interest
(1000+ sqkm).

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solutions_home_neoprospectorRank prospect inventory on high potential acreage (100+ sqkm).

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