We transform data into insights

Through accurate modeling of the Earth and advanced predictive analytics, we are helping our clients explore faster and better.

Our team of highly skilled geologists and geophysicists extract invaluable information from a variety of datasets. By integrating and interpreting all available geologic, geophysical, and geochemical
data we build accurate models of the Earth. Then through the application of our advanced predictive analytical and quantitative interpretation methods, we pinpoint areas of highest potential,
helping our clients explore faster and better.

Governments, energy ministries, and natural resource operators use this information to validate and prioritize their exploration programs for oil & gas, metals and minerals, and groundwater.

Geophysical Modeling

Geophysical modeling provides a view into the geology of the subsurface and is effective in exploring for ore deposits and oil reserves. We use our proprietary software to produce 2-D and 3-D geophysical models from all types of magnetic, gravity, electromagnetic, and seismic data. Our software simultaneously manipulates and inverts gravity, gravity gradient, magnetic and EM data to create true multi-physics earth models.  The result is a comprehensive lithological, structural and physical property understanding of the Earth’s geology.

Integrated Geological Interpretation

We believe the key to producing high-quality geologic interpretations is by integrating a comprehensive range of high-resolution data such as magnetic, radiometric, gravity, EM, spectral, and digital elevation models with well data, seismic data, and geology. Our expert team of interpreters is made up of geologists and geophysicists who work side-by-side with the provided information to build accurate 3-D Earth models that deliver more insights into the geology, increasing our clients’ confidence and de-risking their exploration efforts.

Quantitative Interpretation

We go beyond just interpreting the generalized geology of the Earth.  By applying quantitative interpretation, we focus on understanding the prospective zones within the target geology.  Quantitative interpretation relies on high-quality data, advanced software, and integrated workflows to succeed.  Our interpreters work across disciplines and teams and utilize proprietary tools to analyze the various data inputs and identify the most productive parts of a region or a reservoir.  A wide range of techniques is applied including AVO analysis and inversion, pore pressure prediction , 4-D time lapse seismic analysis, and geomechanical analysis.   The end result is a more precise definition of lithology, porosity, estimation of oil & gas in place, brittleness, fracture orientation, and intensity.  All are vital information in exploration and asset optimization.

Predictive Analytics

We are pioneers in applying predictive analytics for resource exploration. We develop advanced algorithms and machine learning workflows that can help identify natural resource deposits and guide our clients to the most promising areas. Natural resource exploration is exceptionally data intensive and the process of mining, classifying and learning from the data often exceeds the ability of even the best interpreter. Making sense of this information means identifying the subtle patterns and correlations that point to natural resource locations giving our clients greater confidence while reducing risk.