We combine the tools and
know-how to drive exploration.

Delivering E&P services that are revolutionizing the world of natural resource exploration – we work with our clients to apply a smart approach to exploration and development programs.

We recognize that our client’s resources are as unique as they are.  Therefore, we offer a variety of exploration & production services geared to the varying needs of our clients and the relative stage of their exploration programs. Our services differ in the breadth of perspective we aim to deliver – ranging from the basin level to the prospect level.

We begin most projects by compiling currently available geo-data and then applying our proprietary processing, interpretation, and data fusion technologies to identify areas of interest.  Subsequent phases include collecting new data in the most prospective areas.  We use qualitative and quantitative analysis throughout the process to optimize exploration and development along the way.

An integral part of every project is a cost-benefit technology assessment.  We use technology to our client’s advantage – finding ways to avoid unnecessary costs and identify methods to complete projects faster and smarter.  Regardless of our approach, the end goal is always to reduce costs, minimize risk and maximize return on investment.
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neoSCAN compiles and analyzes existing geo-data to provide a cost-effective interpretation over areas up to and greater than 100,000km. We integrate existing datasets including seismic, well log, gravity, magnetic, radiometric, geochemical and satellite multi-spectral measurements that are already in the public domain or available to our client. Our geoscientists then analyze these datasets to generate: Assessments of geologic trends Maps of basin architecture and regional structure Maps of key lineaments, regional fault systems and intrusions Maps of basement topography, faulting and composition We use our correlative analytics methods on all neoSCAN studies to provide insights into the geological and geophysical attributes of the area under investigation and to identify the most prospective areas worthy of further investigation.


Our neoBASIN programs allow us to investigate further by acquiring, processing and interpreting more detailed data, focusing solely on the areas neoSCAN found to have the most potential or areas specifically proposed by our clients. Aircraft acquire gravity, magnetic, radiometric, and hyperspectral data over a known or prospective basin – usually representing about 15% of the initial neoSCAN area. Working closer to the Earth’s surface and sampling measurements in greater density, these fixed-wing deployed sensors provide more – and clearer – data than satellites, allowing our team of expert analysts to generate more accurate interpretations of the areas most likely to contain hydrocarbons and minerals. The insights provided by neoBASIN programs help our clients develop (or confirm) their understanding of macro-geological features, de-risk exploration programs and target the most prospective areas worthy of further investigation and investment.  


neoPROSPECTOR data are only acquired over areas that have either been specifically proposed by clients or identified by neoBASIN projects as having maximum potential. The process may include acquiring and interpreting a broader set of higher-resolution geological and geophysical (G&G) data, such as 2-D or 3-D seismic and high-resolution EM resistivity data, obtained through ground-acquired magnetotelluric (MT) or airborne methods. The improved resolution of these surveys provides more accurate depictions of important subsurface features. When available, these newly acquired measurements are integrated with all datasets gathered from the initial neoSCAN and/or neoBASIN surveys and analyzed. By integrating and interpreting data at this level, we can help our clients make highly targeted decisions about where to lease and drill.  


Once these results have been interpreted and areas with the best potential have been high-graded and de-risked, clients will have all the information needed to select the three or four most prospective locations for ‘wildcat’ exploration wells. As part of this neoDISCOVERY service, we work closely with our clients, as well as certified third-party service firms and financial counterparties, to design, secure capital for, and drill a series of exploration wells. Over the next 12 months, we will project manage the drilling of several wells into the most prospective targets. This project management includes: Selection of drill well locations Design of the well construction and testing programs Drill site preparation Sub-contractor identification, certification, and oversight Well construction (drilling) and testing Capital provision for the above