We design technology
to explore the Earth quickly and cleanly

With passionate geoscientists and the latest sensor, computing and data analysis technologies, we are breaking new ground.

We provide a full suite of exploration services that encompasses project planning, acquiring and processing G&G datasets, analytic interpretation, and identifying drill-ready prospects. Clients come to us for individual services and tailored, full scope exploration programs.


We collect various types of geo-data from the air and the surface to accurately identify prospective geology. Working closely with qualified acquisition partners, we acquire the highest quality geophysical data when and where needed. We image almost any terrain quickly and efficiently: covering small resource plays and entire countries in a matter of weeks or months. All while caring for our people and the environment.


Clients turn to us to address the complex imaging challenges they regularly face both near the surface and below. When faced with new problems, we write our own answers, which then become industry standards. We exceed expectations and hit deadlines, so those who rely on our work can focus on what’s important to them.


We make sense of all geo-data and turn it into valuable information for exploration. Our skilled team integrates seismic data, well logs and geology with gravity, magnetic, EM, radiometric and hyperspectral data to develop comprehensive 3-D models of the Earth. Then, by applying advanced predictive analytic methods to all possible geo-datasets, we identify subtle patterns in the data. This invaluable information provides superior knowledge of the Earth and allows for more precise and informed decisions about where to explore, lease, and drill.