NEOS's clients have included energy ministries and national oil companies, the largest international mining and oil companies, junior and independent operators and, in some cases, governmental agencies at the provincial, state, and local levels. No matter their size, every NEOS customer is driven by the goal of finding and producing natural resources in a cost-effective, timely, and environmentally sensitive way. 

All share our belief that an integrated, coincident interpretation of multiple geological and geophysical datasets is the best way to deliver upon these objectives. Beyond this common philosophical belief, our clients often think about the world quite differently. Some acknowledge the need for a holistic, basin-level understanding in order to put their individual exploration prospects in a broader context. Others prefer to focus 'inside the lease line' and highgrade a portfolio of opportunities they've already identified.

Regardless of how expansive the scope our clients' lenses might be, we stand ready to offer solutions that can help them determine where to explore, where to lease, and where to drill.

Moreover, we're prepared to work in a highly collaborative way with clients who want to view NEOS's network of practitioners as an extension of their G&G teams; yet for customers whose G&G capabilities and teams are already well established, we're prepared to work in a more hands-off manner, delivering not only our interpretation of what's going on in the subsurface, but also the raw multi-measurement datasets that enable our customers to draw their own conclusions.

Oil & Gas



customers_home_eandpAssess the prospectivity of basins while highgrading acreage and drilling inventory.

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customers_home_miningDetermine where to explore, lease and prospect by integrating all available G&G data.

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customers_home_environmentalDevelop baselines and time-lapse profiles of surface vegetation and waterways.

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