We believe natural
resources should be accessible to all

We act on this belief by always innovating,
putting people and the environment first, sharing our knowledge, and doing the right thing.

We know how important natural resources are to people’s lives and recognize the enormous task the world faces in exploring for the resources that power modern-day life. Access to these resources unlocks potential for the future, creating jobs, powering schools and improving quality of life.

Throughout our history, we have continually developed and fine-tuned our approach, methods and technologies. We knew from the start that we had to find ways to minimize the impact on the environment while meeting the increasing demand for natural resources. Along the way, we saw the need to incorporate critical applications, such as predictive analytics, for better clarity and understanding of the data we were working with. We then sought out key companies whose technologies and teams perfectly complemented ours. And we have managed to do all this while constantly developing and appreciating our people.

Our vision has been clear since day one.

NEOS was born to redefine exploration.