NEOS believes that an integrated analysis of multiple geological and geophysical (G&G) data sources – including seismic, gravity, magnetic, electromagnetic (EM), radiometric, and hyperspectral – can individually and collectively deliver improved insights into the rocks and fluids contained within the Earth. 

The sensor technologies and methodologies used to acquire G&G data in these disciplines continue to improve year after year. NEOS is a leader in developing and applying the latest technologies and techniques, with a distinctive capability in hyperspectral imaging which we use to detect the unique spectral signatures of surface-based mineral, hydrocarbon, and flora indicators known to be associated with subsurface deposits of ores, minerals, and hydrocarbons.

While we take pride in our acquisition technologies and methods, we believe applying best-in-class acquisition tools is only part of the solution. Processing and interpreting ALL acquired G&G data in an integrated, holistic way - such that each individual G&G dataset informs and constrains the other - is where we believe the most revealing subsurface insights can be generated. 

NEOS has been working over the last several years with leading technologists to develop the NeoSphere™, our proprietary data management system that allows a statistically-driven, multivariate inversion to be performed using all available data and modeling products. NEOS's multi-measurement inversion incorporates all G&G data that has been obtained, acquired, or computed, along with additional geochemical and hydrocarbon production (and mineral resource) data provided by our clients and third parties. 

By applying our methodology to multiple datasets within the NeoSphere, NEOS generates a highly constrained 3D model in which the subsurface distributions of minerals, hydrocarbons, fractures, and lithologies can be probabilistically determined, enabling our clients to make better informed decisions about where to explore, where to lease, and where to drill.

Acquisition Platforms



tech_home_acquisitionDescriptions of our satellite, fixed wing and helicopter acquisition platforms.

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tech_home_infoSphereLearn about our proprietary data management and interpretation system.

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